Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My main man Earl!

Well, another series of Survivor is behind us. Survivor Fiji ended with the season finale show on Sunday night. I couldn't blog about it while it was happening because I watched it over at a friend's house. We had a little Survivor party!

I knew it all along that Dreamz wasn't going to give that damned immunity necklace to Yau Man as promised, but I was still so shocked when he spat out those words, "I'm gonna keep it"! Poor Yau Man, although he really has nobody to blame but himself, but I hate to see an old guy like Yau get played like that, being an underdog and all. And although everyone was pissed at our little party at Earl for voting Yau Man off, I knew he did what he had to do. It didn't take rocket science to know that if Yau Man were there in the final, he'd have won it for sure. However, I was a little afraid that Dreamz may have won the million because he had so many friends on the jury. Until of course the first one of them asked Earl who told him Mookie had the other hidden idol and he said Dreamz. Then I knew Earl was a shoe-in to win! And win he did by setting a record clean sweep vote! That was so cool! I was wanting either Yau Man or Earl to win, so I was needless to say, very happy with the outcome. And I just know in my heart of hearts that Earl and Yau will most definitely be friends for life, as Earl said.

So next fall we'll see the new crew of Survivors in China. It looks like it's going to be interesting. I really wish they'd do a series up on the Arctic Tundra. It would be somewhat similar to Survivor Africa, where there was very little vegetation. They'd have to live in the land of the midnight sun, like the Eskimos do, because I certainly couldn't see them up there in the winter months when all is dark and frigidly freezing! But the summer months they'd have to deal with the gobs of pesky mosquitoes, and hunting for food may not be as easy as on these tropical locations. Well, there are fish to be caught, so it's not like they would likely starve. I think it would make for a very interesting series.


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