Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Seduce a Celeb

Oh my God! If you want a good laugh, head over and check out the Free videos at GoFish.com. I've just been over there checking out the video submissions guys have sent in to win a date with actress, Mirelly Taylor in the Seduce a Celeb contest. These guys are hilarious! GoFish is running this contest over the next 14 weeks, and it's the first of it's kind for an online contest like this.

Mirelly Taylor, is a sweet little thing that has appeared in the movies Kiss Me Again and Serving Sara as well as television shows “Las Vegas” (one of my favorites!), “Punk’d”, and “Numb3rs”. She has some videos for the guys to watch telling them what she wants in a date, and then these hopefull guys submit a video pleaing their case to win that date. I was howling at Big Tony's submission where he dances. I think he'd best not ever think of trying out for that other show "So you think you can dance"! And this other guy Denton Rose does some sexy er, or maybe not things with fruit. He's got this wild lid thing happening that just made me giggle! They're just too funny!

So if you're a guy and you would love a date with actress, Mirelly Taylor, get over there and submit your video. And if you just want some good laughs, head over there to check out these desperate hopefulls. Oh, and don't forget to vote for your favorite, because our votes will narrow down the finalists, and then Mirelly will chose her dream date from them.


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