Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wacky weather kind of day

What a strange day it was today, weatherwise. Geez, this morning when I was going to work it was real chilly out. I had to run back in the house and grab a jacket. Then, by the time I came home for lunch, at about 2pm, it was sweltering hot. Now of course, because of this nutty weather, we're waiting on what is supposed to be a severe thunderstorm. You know that warm air meets cool air never really means anything much but a bad clash in the end! My hubby cut the grass today and because he lowered the blade on the lawnmower, he's doing a rain dance now to water the grass so it doesn't burn. I on the other hand just hope it doesn't get too bad, because I have lots of things I want to do to my shop tonight, and if the storm gets real bad I'll have to shut er down and wait it out.


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