Sunday, May 06, 2007

They're heading south

A friend of mine at work and her family are taking a family vacation this coming week. They've got two young boys -- 8 and 10, and those boys are so excited to be having their first trip to Orlando!

I was telling Kelly (my co-worker) about, so her and her hubby checked it out and they were pretty impressed with the prices, and therefore purchased their tickets through this website. They got the "Magic your way" tickets, but I don't remember exactly what kind of package they choose for those. They got tickets to Kennedy Space Center, which their two boys are ecstatic about... probably more so than they are about Disney World! They also got Universal Studios Tickets. They bought the tickets where they can go to the actual Universal Studios, which Kelly is excited about, as well as Islands of Adventure, which again, the boys are freaking over!

I can't wait until they she gets back to work to tell us all about it. I know they'll have great time, but boy oh boy, I think I would need a vacation after that kind of vacation! They're going to be busy busy busy and my feet ache just thinking of the walking they'll be doing around those parks!


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