Sunday, May 06, 2007

Amazing Race All Stars -- the race is over

As you know, I'm a big fan of Reality TV, and tonight was the finale for The Amazing Race All Stars. Well, I've been watching it for the past hour, and guess what folks? It's all over now. The race is finished, they've reached their final destination and we have a winning team!

I was undecided over the past week on who I wanted to win. The Beauty Queens or Barbie Dolls, Kandice and Dustin; Eric and Danielle; or Charla and Mirna, aka Meerna and Schmeerna. I wasn't really ever routing for any of these teams, not during this race, or on the previous races they ran. It was really hard to pick a team that I would like to win from this final three, as all of them really, when you think about it, ran a good race, and played a smart game. Hey, they all managed to oust out that conniving due of Rob and Amber! I've always been one for the underdog type of teams or people. So with that in mind, in the end I was routing for Charla. Not necessarily Mirna, because she simply annoys me, but I did have a soft spot for Charla, and often felt sorry for her with Mirna squawking at her to hurry all the time. Her little legs went so fast, and sheesh, she had to take way more steps than any of the others. And when I think back over both this race and their previous race, there is absolutely nothing that Charla can't do. She can do a hell of a lot more than me when it comes to courage. I could never have walked around the perimeter of Macau Tower in Macau China, and then to have to jump off it, whether you're tethered or not, my fear of heights would just prohibit me from going out on that observation deck period, but Charla practically ran around that tower and plummeted from it without any hesitation! But for me to choose Charla to win, I had to include Mirna also. They're a team, and I didn't have any control over that.

While watching tonight's show, I was excited when Charla and Mirna had a lead over the other two teams. Then I was pissed when both teams ended up passing them while running over that rock bed on the beach. Charla definitely had a disadvantage on those rocks with those little legs. I was really hoping they would catch up to at least second place during the kayaking out to the shipwreck, since Kandice and Dustin were having such a hard time. Unfortunately the waves caused them a lot of problems, and the Barbies managed to pull their shit together. Then I had more hope when they were doing the row boarding. Charla was awesome during that, but like she said, stay low, and she's a natural at that! Too bad her dippy cousin Mirna couldn't get in the groove and do that task better. They might have had a chance then. And then, the last task I thought for sure that out of all three teams, that Charla and Mirna would have been on the same wavelength for answering the questions about other players, in order to open that box. But again, no luck there. Last chance was the taxi ride to the San Francisco Botanical Garden -- the final destination for this race. It really was anybodys race at that point. When Eric and Danielle kept getting all those red lights I was cheering! But Dustin and Kandice were getting all the green lights. Crap! Where's Charla and Mirna? There they are, in their taxi, telling the driver they'll give him all the money they have if he gets them there the fastest way. I was screaming at that driver to hurry! I tend to really get into these shows when I'm watching them!

A taxi pulls up to the Botanical Garden, and we see Phil and all the other teams cheering. Who's coming first? Is it Charla and Mirna? Nope, it's Eric and Danielle. Crap! Then Dustin and Kandice run in, and they both tear up because they didn't win. Give me a break! Along comes Charla and Mirna. They placed last. But it's not really last, is it? No, they placed third out of eleven teams. Not bad at all. Way to go Charla! Give yourself a huge pat on the back, because you go girl!

I suppose it's okay really that Eric and Danielle won. I'm glad it wasn't Dustin and Kandice. Those two girls won lots of prizes on this race and their first race, so they definitely aren't going away empty-handed. Eric and Danielle managed to win this race after being yielded two times, both essentially by Dustin and Kandice. They managed to beat the clock when they were marked for elimination. Overall I suppose they weren't really particularly nasty to the other teams, which I can't really say that for everyone. Yeah, it's okay they won.

Now what will I watch on Sunday nights?


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