Sunday, May 06, 2007

Another great day today

So we started the day out for breakie with our friends. We got to the restaurant and were shocked to see half their neighbourhood sitting at the table! Okay, maybe half the neighbourhood is stretching it a bit, but there were 12 people sitting at the table already. The food was great, and for $2.75 for bacon & eggs with homefries and toast, you can't really go wrong! I also had a freshly squeezed orange juice for $1.49, which was great! It came in a parfait glass, and that impressed me! Yep, we'll be back to Ali Baba's Cave for breakie again!

We didn't end up going for a drive out to check for apple blossoms. I wanted to do some work around the yard, so we just came home. I fired up my chimenia and burnt some twigs and dried yard matter from over the winter. My mother in law and I had bought some new solar lights for our back garden, so we put those in. I love the ones we picked out. They're a brushed steel finish. Here's a couple of pictures of them...

I also took a picture of my very dirty white cat. She was nudging herself on the branches of my rose of sharon bush. Probably letting me know that I still needed to prune it! I'll get around to it this week sometime, because our weather is supposed to be gorgeous all week. It's almost time for her shave down for the summer. I'll buzz her fur off her and then give her a nice bath. She loves her less furry body for the summers, and it's much easier to keep her clean, since she likes to hang out in dirty places, like in my chimenia for one to get herself all covered with soot and ashes! Crazy cat!

So that was my day today. I love this time of year! :-)


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