Saturday, May 05, 2007

Win a BMW!!

Wow! If I lived in the US, I would most certainly be heading over to bid4prizes to bid on some of the awesome goodies they have over there. They have the sexiest BMW 3 Series up for bids right now. Do you know how much this baby is worth? The list price is $36,000.00. What do you think the winning bid will be? Think the highest and winning bid would be about $30,000.00? Nope, at bid4prizes the lowest unique bid wins. Yes, the lowest, as in the whomever has a bid that is lower than every other persons bid! I'm totally serious here! But remember, your bid has to be unique, as in the lowest bid out of everyone, and not the same as any other persons bid.

If I could play this bidding game, I would love to try to win this car, because my hubby's most favorite make of all cars is the BMW. Don't you think it would make a nice anniversary present? I think I would bid something like $6202.07. Now I know you're thinking that wouldn't be the lowest bid, but we're talking a BMW here! There are going to be other people bidding on this car, so surely all the ridiculously low bids will be used up and over and over again, therefore I think my price would stand a good chance at the lowest unique bid. Why the numbers I chose? Those are the numbers of my birthdate, now mind you, they aren't necessarily in that exact order, but all those numbers are within my date of birth. A girl has to have some secrets!


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