Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Arthritis? Move to Arizona

An older friend of mine and her husband took a trip this past Spring to Arizona. She suffers badly from arthritis, and wanted to check out the arid weather conditions that are said to be in in The Valley of the Sun. They went down there for three weeks, and had rented a condo to stay in, which she said was really nice. She was raving about how great she felt while she was there, and couldn't believe that she could actually walk in the morning when she got up, which is something that is a struggle for her here at home. Her and her hubby both have just recently retired, and now they're talking about buying some real estate in Arizona where they can spend their winters. They've been checking out some Phoenix Condos they found online at CondoCompany.com, and she's urged me to check them out too, so I've been having a little poke around the site. She knows that my mother in law too suffers badly from arthritis, and knows that I've been trying to talk her into taking a trip down there to see how she feels while she's there. Especially since she's thinking of selling the cottage she has up north. I think it would be a good idea for her to consider buying a condo in Arizona to spend the winters herself.


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