Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Woohoo! I love coupon savings!

As you know I'm in redecorating mode right now while Hubby is up at the cottage catching fish! And as you also know, what started out as a little painting project has mushroomed into a much bigger project in my kitchen. The local building supply stores are grinning when they see me walk through the doors right now! Well I've decided that I need a new light fixture in my kitchen now too. The old one is just icky and I don't like it anymore. I need a brushed nickel one instead!

And when this job is done, I've also decided that I'm going to put some laminate flooring in my living room. I have it currently in my dining room and hall, and I love it, but what I want to do is take that up and put that laminate in my bedroom, then buy new flooring for my living/dining/hall, which all adjoin to each other. I can't get the same type as I already have, so I figure I'll have to buy new and do the whole sha-bang over again. It's pretty easy to install though, so that part doesn't worry me. It's just the whole cost factor is all. However, I was just browsing over at Coupon Chief to see if I could find any
coupons to get some redecorating goodies, and I clicked through to see what the Home Depot deals were currently. Yippee! They have a deal on laminate flooring right now! I was so excited to find that! So now I'm also going to check out the clearance items and value center to see if I can find a light fixture for my kitchen that I like and save some bucks there too! Don't you just love Coupon Chief?


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