Sunday, June 24, 2007


Well, I'm still going on the kitchen. It's almost complete, thank goodness! I was washing my mini blinds that I have on my window and my door window, and was really wishing I could put some nice wide slat wood blinds in here, but I really don't think they're very practical for my kitchen. Maybe for somebody else's kitchen, where they don't have to worry about my husband doing any cooking, but definitely not in mine. That's why I decided to do the tiling on the one wall that the stove is on. Even though the window is a few feet away from the stove though, that man can splatter food farther than any watermelon seed spitting champ could ever dream of doing! So for now I'll just put my same old, and I mean old mini blinds back up. But in the meantime, I think I may check into some faux wood blinds. I'm going to make some new fabric toppers, but I still like the look of blinds versus full curtains, and I really like the wider slats of the wood blinds, so if the faux wood are a close runner up to them, I might go with those instead. At least they'd be washable for when my personal chef takes to the kitchen!


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