Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dreaming of a beach condo

Oh to dream. Our nationwide lottery that draws tomorrow night is worth 40 million dollars! Now that's some serious green we're talking about! So whenever the prize gets up so high like that I always seem to find myself dreaming about what I would do with the money. Naturally I'd share a good chunk of it with my family, friends and charities I like, but there's always the luxury of what I'd do for myself with the money too. I'd love to have a luxury condo somewhere in the sun. A nice place where I can spend the winters without snow; with a nice ocean view instead of my neighbor with the dying lawnmower!

I was reading a web release about The Beach Club in Hallandale Beach, located in Miami Beach, Florida. Now these three towers of condos are dripping in all the luxury one could ask for! Some of them are as big as over 3000 square feet, with floor to ceiling windows allowing you to enjoy the views. And if you were to choose a corner unit with a wrap around deck, you'd have the best of both worlds, being able to watch the sunset from one point, and the sunset from another area. That's most definitely what my choice would be if I were able to afford one of these prestigious homes. Just keep your fingers crossed for me in the draw tomorrow night. In the meantime, I'll keep on dreaming...


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