Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pregnant with nothing to wear?

I almost forgot to tell you that we now have maternity t-shirts in the Funky Olive Shop now too! So I did up a few different designs for those mommies to be. So far I have 18 designs that are all related to being preggers, (including one design for daddy to be) and many more in the works. This one is my favorite, "Future Rock Star" with little skulls in the arrow that points down to that baby bump!

Now this one, "Preggers", I'm showing on a non-maternity shirt, because some women prefer not to wear a maternity cut of shirt, so we do have all of the designs available on an array of styles for you to choose from.

We have a few different designs in our "Baby Talk" series -- this one is my favorite, "I'll come out when I'm ready!"

I won't show all of the designs here, because that's too many pictures for one post, but you can see the whole maternity collection here. We've got a pretty good selection so far some funny, some with attitude, and some cutesy ones too -- "Knocked Up", "Kick Boxer", "He did this to me", "Baby Girl", "Baby Boy", "Future President", which is great patriotic wear for the mommy to be on July 4th! Check them out!


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