Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gotta keep cool!

Since it's so hot here right now, but I still have some work to do in my kitchen project, I decided tonight that I would clean out my fridge. At least the cool air emanating from the open doors of the fridge helped to keep me a little cooler while I cleaned. My fridge is so big, which I think I had previously mentioned, but I love it! We bought it a few years back. It's a bottom mount freezer model, and the only thing I would ever change would be to have that freezer door pull out rather than open to the side. I love having the freezer on the bottom though. It makes so much sense to me, since you're in the fridge way more than you go into the freezer. Not having to bend and stoop to get my produce out of the crispers is so much nicer, and way more convenient.

I really love the look of the stainless steel Frigidaire Refrigerators, but we opted for plain white, so it would match our other appliances. The outside finish is textured, which I was a little hesitant with at first, figuring those little crevices would be a magnet for grime to collect in, but it cleans up quite nicely with my handy dandy microfiber cloths from Norwex. Now if I can just get my husband to stop polluting the front of the fridge with cheesy magnets and crap hanging from them, it will stay looking all pretty in the new kitchen!


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