Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Smokin' HOT!

We've just been enduring a small heat wave here, and let me tell you, it's been real nasty! We're talking hot, hot, HOT! Hotter than Hades! And to make matters all the worse, it's been ridiculously humid. Now I don't know anyone at all that is a lover of humidity. It just plain sucks! There's nothing like sitting around in a pool of your own sweat! It's just sickening, to say the least. Temperatures have been hovering around the 40° and we're talking Celsius here, not Fahrenheit. So that makes it about 104° F. Too damned hot for me! And we have no air conditioning in our house, not even a window unit. We used to have one of those years ago, which we installed in our bedroom window, but I never liked having to keep the bedroom door closed. That, and I always felt like the bed felt damp with it, which never made any sense to me, because I was always under the impression that an air conditioner was supposed to suck out the humidity as well. I know it was doing something like that though, because it did used to drip outside.

Anyway, today at work (remember I work in a bank) I decided to bite the bullet and spring for a loan. I opted to do a reconciliation loan, in which I will pay off my debts, plus I got some extra to get a long overdo central air conditioning unit installed in our house. I'm tired of having a restless night's sleep on these hot and humid nights, only to wake up, take a shower and never feel like I can dry off. I'm tired of watching our poor pets suffer and pant with their year round fur coats. And I'm real tired of paying high interest on my debts and never seeming to get ahead. So as of tomorrow, I will have only one major debt, being this loan, which has a much easier to handle payment, and I will be calling our local cooling companies around the area to get the best deal I can get on some nice refreshing cool and dry air! This is going to be heavenly, on so many counts! It makes me look forward to the rest of the summer. Come on July and August... bring on the heat! It won't be bothering me this year! (unless of course there's a power outage, but we won't go there!)


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