Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Microsoft MGX Conference -- are you going?

Hey, all you techies out there... are you heading to Orlando for the upcoming annual Microsoft MGX Conference? If so, have you got a room booked yet, or are you taking a tent and hoping to find a quiet place to camp out for free? I wouldn't chance the latter myself. Don't want to end up getting a violation ticket for camping on property you're not supposed to. Unless of course you're driving a big 'ol RV and plan on taking up a bit of space at the local Walmart! But here's a better idea... Book yourself a room at the International Plaza Resort and Spa in Orlando, and get yourself a Microsoft MGX Special Rate while you're there for the conference. This reduced rate for the convention is just too low for me to say here, but I tell you, I don't think you can even get a three star rated room in Niagara Falls for as cheap as this special! It's a real bargain!

They're conveniently located within walking distance to the convention center, and just five minutes from Walt Disney World, which you can get free shuttle service to if you plan on visiting the Mouse dude while you're there! And if you find the conference tiring, you can always take in a little pampering at the on site day spa. Now we're talking! A Swedish massage is sure to transport you into a feeling of zen after a day at the conference!


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