Sunday, June 24, 2007

An audit to save you money

Telephone costs can be a huge expense for businesses, and let's face it, the phone companies aren't going to tell you if you are paying too much for services that aren't neccessarily utilized enough by you to warrant those expenses. Fortunately there's a company called Network Mapping Associates (NMA) that offer telecom audit services. With only a one month period bill and your contracts, they can pinpoint where can save some extra bucks by checking your usage patterns, etc., and uncovering any billing inaccuracies. Their manually evaluating telecom audit is so precise and fine tooth, that many of their clients have dubbed this service as "Telecom Forensics". And they're quick too! Within thirty days NMA will present you with a Preliminary Savings Report, which will contain strategies to cut costs and start saving you some bucks immediately. Now that's quick!


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