Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kitchen update

I finished painting the last of my cabinets tonight, and all I have left now is trim to do, which I'll do a bit here and there with no major hurry. The next task at hand it going to be the back splash tiles I've decided to do. I had pondered it, and I think it's a good idea for our kitchen, considering the mess my husband makes while cooking. It will save me time I think, because it's a lot easier to wipe clean some ceramic tiles than it is to scrub walls. Hell, I can just use my handy dandy Norwex mop to clean them! I love those products!

So after I purchased my plain white tiles, I went to a few different places around town to find a nice border tile I liked for along the top of the counter. After looking at several that I did like, I decided against this idea. Reason being is they all had color in them, and I don't want to restrict myself from any future color changes, because I have colors in my tiles I have to work with. But, I'm still going to do a border. What I'm going to do is the top four inches or so above my counter tops, I'm going to do a strip of mosaic, with just using the white tiles that I will break up into pieces. This will still give me some design to the tile job, but it will still be neutral white, allowing me to change my colors at any time I want to and not have to worry about matching to the tiles.


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