Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Girls night out tomorrow!

Tomorrow night, my girlie friends and I are going for dinner, and my mouth is just watering thinking about it! We're going to this place that every Thursday night offers all you can eat mussels and half price martinis. Can you say mmmmm? They have the mussels prepared about four different ways; my favorite being the dish with the red sauce. This sauce is to die for! And half price martinis, what can I say about that? Half price martinis! 'Nuff said! My favorite is the plain old vermouth martini, just like James Bond. It's so cool, with a bit of a burn. Love that! So after all the work I've been doing here at home, plus going to work at my day job all day, I think I'm well deserving of a night out with my friends, and a couple of martinis sounds like a nice reward too! :-)


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