Sunday, June 17, 2007

Nasty ingrown hairs

My husband tends to get a fair amount of ingrown hairs, and they can really wreak havoc for him at times. About six months ago, he got a real nasty one in his side burn area. It was really inflamed, and so bad in fact that he thought he had something in there other than an ingrown hair. He thought maybe it was some sort of sliver, either glass or metal or something that had flew off from a project he was doing. Needless to say he kept digging and digging at this area to see if there was anything there. All he ended up finding was a tightly wound up hair. Alas, a nasty ingrown hair. But the problem didn't end there for him. He is also a diabetic, and of course diabetics are much slower to heal, so needless to say this horrible sore on the side of his face was very irritating and very very slow to heal. Our doctor prescribed antibiotics for him to help clear it up, but it was still a very slow process. Last month when he went for his regular appointment, our doctor still wasn't happy with the healing process, and ended up referring him to go for a biopsy on this area, which he goes for next month. I don't know how they're going to biopsy it now, as it seems to be finally healed now, but we'll see what they say when he goes.

So just now I happened upon this product at this skin care web site that is called tend skin. It's made to help with ingrown hairs, and it seems to have good reviews from other users. It's available as lotion or shaving gel, so I think I might order my husband one of each to hopefully prevent these nasty episodes from happening again.


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