Sunday, June 24, 2007

Rackin' up the dough... and the fish!

I talked to my husband this morning too. Remember he's up at the cottage for a bit. His mom and aunt were driving up there today to spend a week. Next weekend they are all coming home. My birthday is next Monday, and my husband wants to be home for it. I hope he brings lots of fish with him!

Anyway, I asked him what he's been doing lately, and he said he hadn't been swimming the past couple of days, because the weather turned a little cooler. But he's been keeping himself busy in the daytime by helping our friend Lloyd build a truck rack for his truck. Lloyd is an older fellow, and is quite the character. We met him at the dump where we go to take our garbage while we're up there. There's no garbage pick-up in the bush! Anyway, Lloyd is the caretaker of the dump, and he makes lots of extra income by collecting scrap metal and stuff like that from junk people bring in to the dump. He takes apart old motors and such to get the copper wire from them. As well as dismantling anything that has aluminum or any other type of scrap metal he can sell by the pound. Then, every so often he takes a one hour trip into North Bay to sell his goods. My husband went with him on one of those trips a couple years back, and he was amazed at how much money Lloyd ended up going back home with in his empty truck.

Well anyway, Lloyd decided he'd like a rack for his truck so he can carry more scrap on those trips. I guess he figures with the price of gas being so high these days -- especially up there -- he wants to have to make fewer trips by being able to carry more per trip. So hubby has been helping the old guy welding up a custom rack.

He's also been fishing in the evenings, and said he has a good amount of tasty pickerel in the freezer. Of course my mother in law was drooling about that last night when she was over here, and said she was looking forward to a good feed of fish! I just hope they save me some for him to bring home!


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