Friday, July 13, 2007


Today I was having some fun at work. I have this one co-worker that is real easy to tease and get going. She's so gullible and will believe anything, and it's so funny to see the look on her face when you're teasing her!

This morning, we had this one client come in, who also has a small business account. Turns out he had some personalized pens made up for his business, so he gave one to each of us tellers. It's a nice shiny metallic blue pen with a nice weight to it, and it writes nicely too. There's also a little button on the side of the pen that triggers a laser pointer on the top of the pen. Great advertising tool I thought. People will remember a little memento like that.

So this afternoon I was playing around with this laser pointer, and started wiggling it around so this red dot was dancing on the wall and ceiling of our gullible co-worker's office. We were giggling up on the teller line, wondering how long it would take her to notice. A few minutes later she came out of her office and had this look on her face like she'd seen a ghost. She was looking around trying to figure out if there were any red spots in any other areas. So I beamed a dot on the floor about six feet in front of her, and her eyes got even bigger. She asked us what is that? We all said, what? In the meantime, I started moving the dot on floor towards her and she almost started to dance like it was going to bite her! We all started laughing, so then she knew we were up to no good. So we showed her our pens we had been given, and now she wants one too. She wants to take it home and have some fun with her cat. I thought it was a good idea too, so I brought mine home tonight to drive my own cat nuts!


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