Friday, July 13, 2007

Bald is beautiful, but not if you don't want to be!

You know, sometimes at work I start to feel like a bartender, or a hairdresser. Like I'm in some other sort of business where people just babble on to me about things going on in their lives that really are of no concern to me. I guess it's just that our clients feel comfortable with us, and they can tell us anything, and I mean anything!

Today at work, my co-worker was serving this man, who's a regular customer. He's an older man, about late 60's. Anyway, he's talking to my co-worker and myself about his trip down south for the winter. He goes to Florida every winter where he has a trailer he winters in. Anyway, he starts telling us this winter he's going to check into having hair replacement. My co-worker is looking at me while this man is telling us about this Dr. Shapiro, that does hair transplants in Florida. Her eyes are almost bugging out of her head while this poor old man is spilling his gut to us, so I just went along with it, and asked him if he really wanted to have that done, and told him that he looked great with his thinning hair. And then I added that I didn't think he'd like how he looked with all those little divots he'd have in his hair from all those hair plugs. I thought my co-worker was going to lose it at this point, but she managed to remain solemn. The man went on to tell us that they don't do the hair plugs there... they do an actual transplant! With that, our client went on his merry way, and we giggled about it all day.

When I got home tonight I was curious about this whole transplant thing, so I did a Google search for "hair transplant Florida" and found this Dr. Shapiro's site. I read about how this procedure is done, and it kind of creeped me out a bit. However, after looking at some of the pictures, I think it's a good thing. I know of quite a few women that have thinning hair, and they're very self conscience about it, as I would be too. This hair transplant thing would definitely be something for women with a problem like that to consider. Better than trying to fluff up their hair only to make that thinness look even worse.


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