Friday, July 13, 2007

For the love of pets

Remember that Menu Foods scare with all those different brands of tainted pet food a few months back? Well ever since then, myself and everyone I know that has pets has been so leery of what to feed our pets. One friend of mine has, after talking to her vet, put her dog on a raw food diet. Now this particular dog also had a weight problem, like bad, so this was why this type of diet was suggested. So anything her dog eats, is all eaten raw. We're talking vegetables and meat, including the bones. It's never been cooked, ever. Her vet said it's perfectly healthy for the dog, and compared to her what wolves and coyotes eat out in the wild. There's nobody to cook them up some meat, and the bones are more dangerous with splintering to them when they are cooked and become more brittle. Makes sense to me, but I just can't bring myself to give my dogs raw meat.

Another friend of mine has put her dog on all people food, mixed in with a little dry Organic dog food. Now she cooks up the meat for her dog though, and kind of makes a stew mixture that she adds to the dry food. She said it's costing her a fortune for his food now, but she has peace of mind knowing that what he's eating is not harmful to him. His old brand of food was made by Menu Foods and did fall into the brands in question. They took him to the vet to have him tested when the news broke out, and immediately of course changed his food. She said they aren't finding him as sluggish as what he used to be, and considering he's only a year and a half old Boxer, he certainly shouldn't have been sluggish!

Our dogs for the most part eat quite a bit of people food. They both love carrots and lettuce, and go just as freaky as our cat when we open a can of tuna or salmon. They do eat kibble as well, and we were fortunate because the brand we use wasn't on the Menu Foods list at all, so it isn't processed by them. However, this doesn't mean nothing will ever happen in the factory this food is made at, so we've been more giving them people food and a smaller amount of kibble, rather than the bulk of their daily food intake being kibble. I have never fed any of my pets canned pet food. I think that stuff is just nasty to look at, let alone give it to my pets! Anyway, at this point, our pets appear happy and healthy, so we'll just keep feeding them what we're feeding them.


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