Friday, July 13, 2007

Whale on the beach!

Just two weeks until my vacation! W00T! But then again, when I look in the mirror I'm reminded that I haven't been on my Gazelle as much as I should have, or done as many Turbo Jam workouts as I should have. Then again, perhaps I shouldn't have just had a bowl of potato chips either. Losing weight and firming up is hard work. Number one, I love food, and especially foods that aren't necessarily good for me. I'm a freak for potato chips! And Number two, exercise is hard work, and takes time. Time away from doing other things I like to do, like sit on my butt and watch TV or play around on the computer.

I was checking into some quick fixes to shed a few pounds. Like those natural remedies that are available these days without a prescription. Products like Hoodia and Phentirimine (the non-pharmaceutical version of Phentermine
) that work to suppress your appetite and are composed of natural ingredients instead of amphetamines which I would never ever consider taking anyway. But even with these natural products, there is a warning to consult with my doctor first, because although I'm not pregnant, I do have high blood pressure. So I guess the only way I'm ever going to slim down is to do it old school... no pain, no gain! Until then, it looks like it will be another vacation of "Whale on the beach"!


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