Thursday, July 26, 2007

A little fresh air please

The humidity is back around these parts again, and it makes me glad that I'm heading out to fresh air and coastal breezes out west in a couple days. Saturday is supposed to be really nasty heat-wise here. My poor mother in law is going to have to hold up in the safety of air conditioning and ride out the wave. She's got emphysema, and although she's not on oxygen yet at this point, it's very hard for her to breathe in these very humid conditions when the air is so thick. I wonder just how long it will be before she's toting an oxygen tank. It's hard watching her breathing get worse and worse. Her doctor regularly checks her blood oxygen levels with a gadget called a pulse oximeter where she just has to stick her finger into this little contraption. It's amazing how simple things are these days. Who would think a piece of machinery this small and so simple to use could be able to give a doctor this kind of information immediately. Now if only they could come out with some sort of micro oxygen system, so these poor people with breathing problems wouldn't have to lug around the cumbersome machines and tanks they have to tote.


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