Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hoodia turn to?

I really should be packing for my vacation, since it's now Thursday night and I fly out first thing Saturday morning, but the only thing I have packed so far is my beach bag! I guess if I plan on living in my bathing suit for the whole ten days, then I'm all set, but I think I might need a little more than a swim suit and a beach towel! I went on a shopping venture trying to find some shorts to take, considering any of mine that I like don't fit like they used to, and that make me pretty sad. I really have to get this weight thing in control. I think when I get back home I'm going to see my doctor and ask him what his thoughts on hoodia are, and if I could take it with being on my medication. I can't really see why I couldn't since it's not all chemicals, but then I'm no scientist or doctor for that matter. Overall I eat pretty healthy, but it's the night time snacking that I just can't seem to nip in the butt, so I think an appetite suppressant like hoodia, which seems to be the best there is just might do the trick to stop that bad habit. I'll keep you posted what the doctor has to say.


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