Thursday, July 19, 2007

Saving more money!

Cool beans! I came across another site with coupons to use for online shopping. You can never have too many sites like this saved in your favorites. You never know when the urge or need to shop for something will arise, and when the time comes, if you can coupon a deal, all the better!

This site is called "Keep Cash", as you may have figured out from their cool logo I'm showing here. Great name for a site like this, because I want to get the goods and keep some cash too! They have savings from over 1000 different merchants, so you're sure to find somewhere you like to shop there.

I was happy to see that they have The Body Shop deals there, since our local Body Shop store closed apparently. I don't know why it closed, but when I went to the mall it was in I was going to pick up a few things I there, like their mango scented bath and body products. I love mangoes, and the mango scent too! Oh, and I love their peppermint foot spray too. That stuff is awesome after being on your feet all day at work! Anyway, I went to that part of the mall and there was nothing in that spot except for a big empty spot with green carpeting. Oh well, at least I can still order online, and now I know I can also save some money on my orders there too!

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