Wednesday, July 11, 2007

That spot doesn't look right

So today my husband went for his biopsy (or as he kept joking about it... autopsy). He's had this, what we thought, out of control ingrown-hair-gone-wild in his sideburn area. It's been bugging him for months, and of course he's been dissecting at it and making it all the more worse. Our doctor has prescribed antibiotics to him for this sore twice over the past few months, and then he ended up sending him to a dermatologist to get it biopsied. His appointment was finally today, after waiting one and a half months. He went, expecting this new doctor to take a scraping of it, or even cut a little bit of the skin out to send off for examination. The doctor took one look at him, and told him it was melanoma, and did some sort of silver nitrate treatment on it instead. He also informed my husband that he had another one on his cheek under his eye on the other side of his face, which he also treated. Now that's scary, because we didn't even really notice this other mark! I guess this treatment was pretty brutal, which the doctor warned him that he wasn't going to like what was done to him today. Hubby said at one point he wanted to head-butt this doctor! So he's been given a prescription for some heavy duty cream, been told to stay out of the sun, and has to go back next month.

So this is what I have to say, if you have a sore that won't heal, don't fool around... get yourself to the doctor to get it checked out. And if you're a diabetic, like my husband is, still get it checked out soon. We had thought the the healing process was slow because of his diabetes, and didn't really give the time it was taking to heal much thought other than that. You just never know. Melanoma can be cured most times, but the sooner you get treatment, the better.


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