Monday, July 02, 2007

What a jokester!

Oh, I was just duped big time! This friend of mine at work and I always buy a couple lottery tickets together for the draws, in hopes that we'll get to retire and travel when we hit the big win! We've always said that when we win, we're going to jump a plane to Hawaii and spend a couple weeks of luxurious relaxation in paradise while we make our plans of what we're going to do with the money. Hey, you gotta have your dreams!

Anyway, she called me a few minutes ago on her cell phone, since she went away to a cottage for the long weekend. I couldn't believe that she was calling me from so far away on her cell phone, so I thought something must be wrong. I answered the phone and she starts singing to me...

"They say it's your birthday... and we won the lottery... we're gonna be rich now... so let's go to Hawaii... and celebrate our birthdays!" (Her birthday is tomorrow.)
So I started laughing, and said yeah, that would be nice, wouldn't it. She was adamant that we had won the lottery that drew last night. For a split second or maybe two, I thought she might be serious, since she had picked up out ticket in the close by town to where she was cottaging for the weekend. I had visions of searching out Kona Hawaii vacation rentals and getting the nicest most luxurious condo on the beach for us to spend a couple weeks and plan our futures.

Then she started laughing, and said she wished it were true and we had won, but got this little jingle in her head and wanted to call and freak me out! Not nice! I'll have to think of something for a pay-back to her, when we go back to work and it's
her birthday! Funny though, because it's not April, and I never heard of July Fools day!

Darn it all anyway... I was really hoping to finally get leighed! ;-)


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