Monday, July 02, 2007

More bad news from home...

Another thing my sister was telling me on the phone when she called was about one of our cousin's sons. I guess in actuality, that would make him our second cousin. It appears that he's not doing well, and has been addicted to crack for the past few months. What a sad waste. He was such a smart kid, that I can't imagine what led him to this horrible kind of lifestyle. Hanging out in the wrong places with the wrong type of people I suppose.

Anyway, my cousin and his wife are attempting to get him into some sort of rehab program, so they have been checking out some of the drug rehabs in the area. I told my sister that anyone I've ever heard of going into any sort of rehab program usually go to somewhere out of their nearby surroundings. I think it's because it's best to get them away from anywhere or anyone familiar, so their focus doesn't get disturbed by having close contact with the familiar people and places that may be part of the reason for the abuse in the first place. So she agreed that this makes more sense, and was going to call our cousin and talk to him about it again. I feel so bad for them. They are such straight laced people, and are really out of the loop about any of this kind of dealings. We're talking no street smarts whatsoever. I just hope they can get the help their son needs to get him better and off this crap for good. Drugs are bad people... they're bad!


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