Monday, July 02, 2007

She's a doctor!

My sister called me this morning to wish me a happy birthday. I hadn't talked to her in a week or so, and she was telling me she went to the doctor on Friday for some results to some tests she had done. Turns out she's on the verge of being diabetic, and her doctor advised she watch her diet and get some exercise to bring her sugar counts in better control. No medication has been prescribed at this time. The doctor just wants her to try to get it in control naturally first. She is sending her to diabetic classes though, which we went to years ago when my husband was first diagnosed. I told her she'll get a big eye-opener to this disease when she goes to the classes, as we both did here. Both of my parents had diabetes, and when we attended the classes, I couldn't believe how really ignorant I was to what it's all about and how to control the numbers.

Well, if you know my sister, she's got this big medical book that she always refers to, and of course now scours the Internet for information on any little medical query she may have. I always tease her about this and call her Dr. Wilson, because whenever anyone talks about the smallest of problems they are experiencing, she's running for that big medical bible of hers and looking up the
"symptom". Naturally she's been doing all kinds of reading up on diabetes this past weekend, and she was telling me the difference between type 1 diabetes and type 2, and how the peptide levels in the blood can be reduced or whatever. I had never even heard of a peptide before this conversation, but she's rattling off about it like it's second nature to her. I thought diabetes had to do with insulin in your blood, but she tells me that for every molecule of insulin that is secreted in the blood, there is also one molecule of peptide that is secreted too. Who knew? Other than the recent medical scholars like my sister, Dr. Wilson. I guess you really can learn something new every day!


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