Monday, July 02, 2007

It's all about the gold!

So today is my birthday. I'm not big on birthdays anymore as I get older, but it's still nice to have a little fuss made over me. My husband came home from the cottage last night, and this morning gave me a little gift and a card. He bought me a pair of gold earrings. They're really nice hoop earrings. I have a metal allergy and can't wear anything but gold and it kind of makes things pretty limited to what I can wear. I really like some of the cheap fashion earrings, but the horrible infection I get from wearing them for even a couple hours isn't worth it. But these are really nice hoops, which is mostly what I own. They have a filigree sort of insert inside the actual hoop. And one good thing about only being able to wear gold, is that it makes a great investment as well. Gold prices just seem to keep rising all the time, making it a great investment. Maybe one day he'll buy me a nice shiny gold bar, although he did buy me a charm once that is a small one ounce bullion. I love that charm!

Ever since we once panned for gold, like the old wild west days when we lived out in Alberta, both of us have had a fascination with gold! We were at the Klondike days festival that they have every year in Edmonton, and they had a little panning set up, where you were of course guaranteed to have an itty-bitty gold ingot in, but you had to actually go through the process of panning it to find the gold. It was something fun to do, and we got to learn the technique of the panning. We still have those little bead sized ingots. Wonder how much they're worth today? :-)


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