Friday, August 24, 2007

All gold shines

I had an old man in the bank the other day, and when I asked him if there was any particular way he would like his cash, he said to me, "It doesn't matter. All gold shines." I loved that line! And how true is that? Yes, gold is shiny, there's no doubt there.

Gold, silver and platinum make great additions to an investors portfolio. From time to time we've had clients bring in gold and silver bars, also known as bullion for trading purposes. Did you know that the standard size for gold bullion weighs 10 ounces? This is also referred to as the .995 fine bullion bar. And if you were wanting a little bit heavier of a portfolio, you can also purchase your gold bullion in kilobar size, which is the equivalent of 32.15 ounces of the shiny stuff.

Standard sized silver bullion, on the other hand comes in a heftier size of 1000 ounce bars. Of course silver is priced considerably lower than gold, by about $650.00 or so an ounce currently. Mind you, the experts say that our silver resources are shrinking quickly, and that is sure to boost prices in the coming years.

Platinum, just like gold comes in standard sized bullion of 10 ounces. However, platinum resources are much more rare, and because of this, it's worth almost double the price of gold. No wonder why platinum jewelry is so dearly priced. I guess that's why they're all called precious metals!

If you'd like to stay up to date on the latest prices for gold, silver and platinum, go where I go -- to the Monex Deposit Company. They've been dealing with precious metals for over 40 years.


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