Friday, August 24, 2007

Two things

Of my endless list of things I would like to do, and places I'd like to go at some point in my life, two of those things are that I'd like to stay in a nice quaint bed and breakfast, and I've always wanted to go to Maine. So a Maine bed and breakfast sounds like the perfect setting for these two things I'd like to do and go!

I can visualize a nice room, upstairs of course, furnished with beautiful antiques, and that inviting big fluffy bed to lay in. The open window looks out on the Atlantic Ocean -- preferably with the view of a red and white lighthouse. The salt air breeze coming in blows the gauzy curtains slightly. I don't know how it sounds to you, but in my imagination it's quite dreamy.

We'd picks some wild blueberries, and naturally, a trip to LLBean for a little shopping would be in the plan, because after all, we're in Maine! And dinner one night would most definitely be lobster. I don't think a trip there would be complete without that!

Well I've just talked myself right into it, and I'm ready to go. I just have to find the perfect travel mate for such a trip, because that's just not my husbands idea of a vacation. He'd rather go to the cottage and fish, or explore strange far away lands. I guess I'll have to keep dreaming.


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