Friday, August 24, 2007

I know that smell!

I remember learning about this way back, and I mean way back in elementary school. It's the smell you smell sometimes when it rains. It's not a nasty smell, yet it's not a fresh smell. It's just a smell that you know it's raining.

Today was another hot and humid day here, and a few minutes ago the winds came up, blowing the trees quite a bit. Next thing you know, I could smell that familiar smell. I couldn't hear the rain, because of the wind rustling the leaves on the trees. I love that sound too! But then the wind subsided for a second or two and I could hear the cause of the smell. It's raining!

We need rain so badly here. Everybody's yard is full of brown dried out grass. I know it's too late to turn that around now, considering the summer is almost over, but at least the flowers will benefit a little free water! I just hope it's not raining in the morning when I start doing laundry. I hate having to dry my clothes in the dryer. You just can't beat the freshness of hanging laundry outside to dry... especially the bedding!


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