Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mr. Pickle

Yesterday I was doing a bit of straightening up, and I was amazed to see how many pens I have, or better yet, had scattered around the house. Of course I think I had a wee bit of help in scattering them from the hubby! I came across what used to be my most favorite pen at my old job, which I haven't worked at for almost five years now. There's really nothing special about this pen, other than the fact that I had placed a squishy foam tube on it to cushion my fingers. I tend to hold a pen really hard, and find that I start to develop a callus on the outside of my finger.

Anyway, I also came across my stash of pens, that are all the same, again from my old job. I used to order all the stock, and advertising material there, and I used to order these pens that had our company name and details on them. They weren't overly fancy pens by any means, but they wrote really nice, so whenever I would get a new order in, I'd bring a handful of them home. I used to order them 5000 pens at a time, and we used to use them around the office and for handouts to our patrons.

So tomorrow when I go to work, I'm going with one of these pens for my Mr. Pickles to sit proudly atop. We used to have a couple pen thieves at work, so my co-worker and I put identifiers on our pens, and funny thing, they never seem to get lost or go for a stroll with anyone else anymore! We got these little pickle pen toppers when we bought a jar of little baby pickles.

I know it's really a small thing, but when you find a pen that you like how it writes, and better yet, when you find something to keep that pen in your possession all the time, it's a big thing to me! I guess it all stems back to those days of shopping for school supplies. It's a bit of a rush, you know?


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Tina K said...

I love a good pen. Not a pretty, fancy or decorative pen. Just a pen that feels good and writes well. My long time favorite is the Pilot G2. People think you are really weird when you call a pen by name.