Monday, August 27, 2007

Rock on!

Whoa! That is one big rock down there, don't ya think? Just think if you had this honkin' boulder in your yard and you had to move it! It must weigh well over 1000 pounds! You'd have to get some sort of backhoe in to move that sucker!

Or, you could amaze your family, friends and neighbors by picking it up all by yourself and moving it to another part of your yard that is more appealing to you. And no, you don't have to be the winner of the Strong Man competition, or train like an Olympic gold medal weight lifter. I'm totally serious here. You can lift this rock, even if you're a couch potato that's a little on the fluffy side. Even if you're in your senior years, you might still be able to lift and move this rock!

Why? I'll tell you why. It's not a real rock. Yes, it looks amazingly like an honest to goodness real life boulder, but it's really an artificial rock. It's made from stone, so it looks authentic, yet it's completely hollow inside, and the walls of these rocks, made at the Artificial Rocks Factory in Southern California are only one inch thick. They run about 50 pounds or so, giving you that opportunity to amaze your friends with your sudden strength!

I think these fake rocks are tres cool! Think of the possibilities with them! Because of their lightweight poundage, as opposed to the real thing, you can do some cool landscaping virtually anywhere -- a large balcony or a rooftop garden. You can really have a nice curbside appearance as well, by purchasing a rock with a fancy address plate embedded in it.

If you've ever checked out the price of real rocks to add to your landscape, then you know how costly they can run, and you must be thinking that these fakers are darned expensive. But, you'd be amazed to know that they run about $200., which includes shipping for a regular rock. Naturally, it will cost you few more bucks to have an address rock, but still considerably less than what you'd pay for a real address rock.


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Hoto said...

yeah that is a rock. a little big for my coke on the rocks lol