Monday, August 20, 2007

The borrowed suitcase...

Yep, I did it real good this time. I went out west with one large suitcase and a carry-on. My suitcase wasn't even really full when I went, knowing full well that I'd be doing some shopping. And shopping I did. Well, that and my sister did give me a couple bulkier items, like a really cute cherry themed rug for in front of my kitchen sink, and the softest most snuggliest micro-fibre kind of furry fleecy blanket that she had on the bed I was sleeping in!

Needless to say, I ended up borrowing another large suitcase from my other sister to get all my goods home. Her suitcase was completely full, and I'm talking there was not room for one more thing, not even the smallest of item in that case! And it was real heavy too, seeing as we had made a trek into a little second hand store where I bought, all things some books for my husband. I couldn't resist! They were cheap, cheap, cheap, and he reads in warp speed! I got him this one large and quite thick hardcover book too that was all about different journeys around the world. Right up his alley too, since it's more about journeys that most people wouldn't go on. You know, things like snow-shoeing in Russia, or trekking with some Sherpas in Tibet. Not a journey to some sunny hot and tropical five star resort in the Caribbean, or the Mediterranean. He loved it, and took it up to the cottage with him when he went.

Anyway, I ended up okay at the airport. My luggage came in just under the maximum weight, and both pieces fortunately made the trip home without any casualties, which is always a bonus!


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