Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dressing up

It was slow at work today, so naturally we all take great advantage of times like these to mess around, get caught up on deep discussions with each other, etc. Today I was putting up some pink decorations for our upcoming Breast Cancer drive, and that got us talking about how we're going to decorate for the holidays this year. We always decorate for the fall, which takes care of Thanksgiving and Halloween, and then of course for Christmas as well.

So when we were on the subject of Halloween, we were talking about how we are going to dress ourselves that day. There are three of us tellers on the line, so we're trying to come up with something that would work for all of us. We can't really wear any type of sexy costumes, because it is a bank after all, and we don't want to get the little old men excited when the come in to do their banking. And we need something pretty comfortable and easy to wear, considering that it falls on one of the busiest days of the month. Someone suggested the Three Stooges, which is possible. I would really love to do the three monkeys -- See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil -- but I can't really think of how we could do that for a costume and still be able to function with the see no and speak no factors. We could do a chain gang, but I think that would be better if there were more of us than just three. Oh well, we've still got time to hash it around, and we'll come up with something.


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