Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm back, I'm back, I'm back!

I actually got back from my trip a week and a half ago, but have been so busy. I came home to find out a friend was on her deathbed, but that's another post.

I had a great time visiting my family while I was out west. We did all kinds of fun things and went to all kinds of cool places, which I'll get into more in depth in other posts.

One thing that did upset me though, was while visiting my brother's wife (the brother that was killed last year on his motorcycle), she was telling me that his ex-wife, who he had been divorced from for about 18 years or so ended up receiving one of his life insurance policies. That really frosted my ass, especially after overhearing her daughter tell someone, while at my brother's "Celebration of his life" that we had for him when he died, that her mother said she couldn't wait to dance on his grave. I hope for her sake I don't ever see her haggy old drunken face ever again in my lifetime, because she's going to get an earful from me if we ever cross paths. The thought of her getting money from my brother after all these years that she certainly wasn't entitled to just makes me sick. I know it's the lackadaisical ways of my brother that brought her this fortune, because he never got around to changing his beneficiary, but geez, to hear that she got that money is just so maddening.

And my ex-niece is still trying to get what she thinks is her entitlement to the insurance money from the bike being wrote off. I don't see where she's entitled to one red cent of that money whenever the settlement happens. The bike was not in my brother's name, it was in his current wife's name, as well as the insurance money. It was her bike! He just rode the damned thing!

She's also trying to get half the house too, and again, it was never in my brother's name... ever! He never married this wonderful woman he was with. They lived common-law for the past 15 years, and she had the house when they first met, and it remained solely in her name, so she can leave it to her own children. My money-hungry ex-niece had nothing to do with either of them after about a year that they were together. Before that she would only contact my brother when she wanted money or needed him to work on her car or fix something in her house.

Then when she got married herself, she didn't even tell him, let alone have him walk her down the aisle. No, she had her biological father walk her down the aisle, who had readily signed the papers for my brother to adopt her when she was a year and a half old, and never wanted contact with her all these years. Go figure. And when she gave birth to three children over the years and let him read it in the birth announcements in the paper, while telling any of the other family members she would run into over time not to tell him anything about her life -- the marriage, the birth of her kids.

As far as I'm concerned she divorced my brother from being her father, and he was a damned good father to her all the while she grew up, loving her like his own. And when she divorced him, she divorced our whole side of the family. I guess it's that bad case of death really bringing out the worst in some people. Well her true colors are showing, and I don't like that shade.


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