Monday, August 20, 2007

The boy's got big feet!

When I was visiting my nephew and his family out west, my great nephew was all excited when he was showing me his new runners for school. "Look Auntie at my ay-yo-jo-dins!" Not being up to date on the latest sports shoes craze, I had no idea what he was talking about. My nephew quickly intercepted and told me they were Air Jordan shoes, otherwise all I could figure out was that he had got some new runners, and for a recently turned six year old I was amazed at how big they were! He was showing me how they had a picture of a dude slam-dunking a basketball on the sole of the shoe. He thought that was pretty cool! I just couldn't get over the size of these shoes! I think they could have almost fit me! Well, not too far off anyway -- they're a size 4 and he's only six!! I don't know, but I thought that was a pretty big shoe for a six year old. Of course it only stands to reason, since my grown nephew wears a size 14 shoe and stands six feet five and a half. I can only assume that Jonathan is going to get his size from his daddy. Yet another one in our family to grow up and tower over me! ;-)


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