Monday, August 20, 2007

House and Home

My sister's new place is really nice, although much smaller as far as storage goes from her old house. But then again they are scaling down to something a little smaller and easier to take care of as they are nearing retirement. She's 13 years older than me, and plans on retiring when she turns 60 in a few years.

She's got that knack for decorating, and has done a beautiful job of making this new house their home. Walking into her house is like walking into a setting right out of House and Home magazine! Her signature is in every room, and runs off into the yard as well. She's got some really neat things in her yard for decor. These most beautiful wrought iron art pieces that she has on a couple of the outside walls just amazed me. I've never seen anything so cool around here, but they're in all the garden shops out there. And their flower beds are just gorgeous. Again, she has that knack for placing her plants in the perfect spot and putting different plants together as well, so they compliment each other. One thing that really freaks me out too is how you can ask her the name of every single plant she has all around the yard, as well as any plant in her entire neighborhood and she she can rattle off the name of that plant immediately without any hesitation. And I'm not talking your run of the mill common flowers here either. No, I'm talking all kinds of different shrubs and various ornamental grasses.

She's so funny too. She's right into solar powered landscape lighting, and she had just bought some more up-lights the morning that I had arrived. So almost every evening when it got dark and the lights lit up, she was out there switching them around, and aiming the lights on different plants to illuminate them. I'll bet she's still moving them around now! They all looked nice wherever she put them, so my brother in law and I just started telling her that was perfect, just so she'd sit down and relax!


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