Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Got your passport?

I've finally got serious about applying for my Canadian Passport. I suppose it was about time I got off my duff and do something about it, considering I'm going away in November, and I'll need it then. I filled out the application yesterday and got my mug shots taken. Yikes! What a horrible picture I have to put up with for the next five years! It will be good though to finally have this passport though because if I ever win the lottery my plan is to jump on a plane to somewhere I've always wanted to go and just chill out for a couple weeks while I decide what to do with the money! Ha! A girl can dream, can't she?! Well, not only that, but since we are pretty close to the US border here, they are saying come the new year we'll need a passport to cross the border, even if only for an afternoon of shopping. So it's a good idea to get one now before the major rush at the new year!


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