Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What university did you graduate from?

Well you all know that a lot of my blogging here is done for payment through a few different companies that pay you to blog by giving an opinion for a particular company or web site. PayPerPost is one of of those companies, as you can tell from the links in my sidebar. They are probably the biggest of all of them, and pay out the most cash. Woo-hoo! Cash!

Did you know though, that PPP has now released a new area to their site? It's called the PayPerPost University, and you can go there both as a blogger, or an advertiser to take a few lessons on how to use their site. These lessons are there for you to watch as videos. And by the way, for all you advertisers out there, did you know that you request to have a video ad, rather than an all text ad? Yes, that option is available. Those of us bloggers that have the availability to produce a video ad will do so, and I have to say many of them that have been done by some of the creative posties there are quite entertaining!

In addition to the video lessons at PPPU, there is also a great point list for the best practises to take into consideration while working on these postings through PPP. If you haven't checked out this new addition to PayPerPost, then I urge you to check it out. You'll learn some good information. And to Ted and the team at PPP, hats off to you for giving us PPPU!


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