Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I don't believe it!

My husband was just telling me that a phone call came in today just before I got home from work. (he forgot until now... geesh!) Anyway, it was a call from a commercial collection agency, and they were looking for my best friend. Get this... apparently when she died suddenly, which was almost three years ago, by the way, her last phone bill was never paid! Can you believe it? I am in shock here about this! First, that they were even calling three years after she's been gone, second that they told my husband that she owes money to the phone company, and third, when this jerk started questioning my husband as to who they could get a hold of to pay off her bill. Now I'm not up on all the legalities, but I'm pretty sure the creditors are supposed to be checking those notices to creditors in the newspapers every day to see if one of their clients has passed on, and they need to collect any monies owing to them. I can't see where some sort of limitation isn't being broken here. Anyway, my husband wouldn't give them any information, and to be quite honest, we don't know how to contact her son anymore either. He's moved a couple times that we know of since his mother passed away, and we've lost track of him. For all we know he could be living at the other end of the country or even out of country. So this guy from the collection agency is supposed to be calling back tomorrow to talk to me. Oh, I hope he does! I've got words for him and his supervisor too!


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