Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Some like it hot!

If you love hot things, and haven't yet had the opportunity to check try these Spicy Curry potato chips from Lays, you just don't know what you're missing. I've been hooked on them ever since my vacation out west with my family this summer. They have a nice curry flavor to them, that isn't overpowering at all, but man oh man, do they pack the heat, and I love that! I don't know if they may only be available in Canada or not, but if you see them in a store near you, you have to try them!

I've tried them with all kinds of different cold beverages, and I have to say that beer is best, but then beer is best with most flavors of potato chips, isn't it? Well whatever your cold beverage of choice is, just make sure you have a large serving of it while you're eating these chips. They're highly addictive, and I bet you can't eat just one! And after about five or six, the heat starts setting into your tongue, so you'll be glad to have that nice cold drink readily available!

Oh, they're good! mmmrummphf...


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