Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lucky girl

One of my co-workers today was telling me of yet another trip she's taking to yet another place I want to go. She's already going to Vegas next month, which I was already envious of. Especially since they've got tickets to go see Cirque du Soliel's "O", which is going to be a must for me whenever I make it to Sin City myself.

Now today she was telling me they are doing another long weekend trip to New York City in November. Again, another place I want to go. She's so damned lucky though, because this trip is totally at no cost to them, just as it is every year. Her husband works for an upscale restaurant around here, and every year he goes to NYC for a convention, and while there, they are to go to some nice restaurants and take notes! They go with another couple, where the husband works for the same restaurant, so the girls make their annual shopping trip to Canal Street while the hubbies are at the convention. And of course they usually try to take in a show while they're there. This time they've purchased Wicked tickets. I wanted to see this show when it was in Toronto last year, but couldn't get tickets for the sold out performances. What a lucky girl she is. I'm so envious!


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