Thursday, September 20, 2007

Say Cheese!

Earlier this evening, like at sunset time, I went outside to take some pictures of the way the sun was hitting the clouds that where in the sky at that time. They looked really cool, and an idea came to me that would require me to get a bunch of different cloud pictures, so I figured I'd start with these ones tonight. Well something happened to my camera, and I don't really know why. For some reason it just kind of froze up on me, and the shutter wouldn't close, nor could I turn it off. I ended up having to pop the batteries out to get it to shut down. Strange. I've never had to re-boot my camera before! Now it's like the batteries are dead, so I have them in the charger and hoping that the camera and the pictures I took are going to be okay. I've been doing some digital scrapbooking for a gift for my mother in law for Christmas that I want to put on a CD for her, so I really do hope it will be okay.

I really would love to get a new camera though. Mine is about five years old now, but it's been a pretty good little camera for those years. It's a Toshiba, but like I said, it's old now, with only 3.2 mega pixels, and a 6X zoom. I'm find whenever the electronics stores send out a sales flyer, I always check out the camera pages to see what's new and what's on sale. The Canon cameras are nice. I'd really like an SLR model, where you can change lenses from a wide angle to a telephoto. I love taking what some may consider to be strange pictures. Must be the creative side to me. I think it would be so cool to be able to zoom in so close on something without it going blurry on me. Do I really need a camera like this? No, but I'd still like one. And besides, it may unleash the photographer within me!


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Kristin said...

Hi! Saw you were the PPP blog of the day so I thought I'd swing by.

Just wanted you to know that you don't need an SLR camera to get good up close shots. Any digital camera with a setting for "macro" will do.

If you're looking at the camera, the macro setting is the one with a pic of a flower that is taking up most of a rectangle.