Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's officially Fall!

Summer is over for another year and now we're officially in the season of Fall. It's a beautiful day here today, and I'm happy to report that my laundry is blowing in the nice sunshiny breeze outside. No dryer or those useless blue dryer balls today! Yippee!

I've got the last load in the washer and am going to to outside to dig up one of my flower beds that has been neglected most of the summer. I've got over 100 bulbs I'm going to plant in it. Red, pink, purple and a mixed color pack of tulips, yellow daffodils and some anemone flower bulbs in purple and white that look nice but I've never planted before. I don't know if I'll have enough bulbs to fill this bed, so I might have to run out and get some more. I want this bed full of blooms in the spring. (Take note of that Mr. Squinky -- the pesty neighborhood squirrel!) I have some tulips and daffies in my other flower beds, but they look so nice when they're in bloom that I never want to pick them for cut flowers, so this bed is being planted with the sole purpose of having vases of lively spring blooms. I can hardly wait!

Anyway, I better get out there for now. I've got a lot of work to do!


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Sire said...

That was a good movie, though we had to go to the cinema to see it. Congrats on getting blog of the day.

BTW, are you interested in swapping blog reviews? I review your blog, you review mine? great for PR.