Monday, September 17, 2007

Oh, we ate!

I've been sitting here munching on Jordan Almonds this evening. I love those candy covered almonds! These ones were metallic silver, and we got them at a 25th anniversary party for some friends of ours that we went to yesterday. Our friends renewed their vows too, so it was even more of a special day.

After the ceremony we had an authentic Italian feast! They're both Italian. Don't you just love these mega meals where the food just keeps on coming?! We ate and ate, and then ate some more, and the food was just scrumptious! We started out with an antipasto buffet that was loaded with all kinds of yummies. I really liked the idea of having it buffet style, because then you don't feel bad taking half a dozen olives or whatever than if it's just on a platter at the table and you have to share it with the other people and there are only a dozen olives for everyone. Then they started serving the rest of the meal family style, and out came two mouthwatering pasta dishes. One was a mixture of red white and green gnocchi in a tasty cream sauce, and the other was one of my favorites -- cavatelli with a red sauce. I love the chewy texture of the cavatelli! For our main dish, we had a lovely chicken breast parmigiana cooked to perfection. It was stuffed with the cheese and breaded, but no sauce, which was different than what I've ever had, and it was really tender and tasty! With that were some very good roasted baby potatoes and some steamed veggies. We finished off with a nice green salad that had an awesome Italian dressing on it with a sweet flavor to it. It was great! Then of course we ended with some good coffee and a light and fluffy torte type of cake.

In between the antipasto and the serving of the meal, my husband and I stepped outside for a smoke. It was a beautiful sunny day, and nice and warm! The hall was next to a small park, which is really more of a green space, rather than a playground park. Anyway, I saw these two guys in the park with something in their hands, looking towards the sky. I hadn't a clue what they were doing, until I caught site of what I thought was large bird flying around. Turns out it was a helicopter, and they had the remotes in their hands. We walked over to the fence to get a better look, and one of the guys landed his copter on the grass in front of us. I was amazed to see how big thing actually was! It had to be about three feet long! My husband, who of course seems to know all kinds of things I never thought he did started telling me all kinds of information about RC helicopters and planes. I don't know where he learns all this stuff, but I guess he reads way more than I knew he did! Anyway, it was pretty cool watching these guys maneuver these helicopters around the park.

So you're wondering about the Jordan almonds, aren't you? Well, as we were leaving, there was a big dish of these metallic silver almonds sitting on a table and people were taking a few as they left. We of course had to be the piggies and took a nice handful of them each! I know, oink, oink! But they're so good, and if you don't count the candy part of them, a handful of almonds a day is good for you! ;-)


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